Vietnamese cashew nut


HARUTA TRADING is one of the reputable importers and distributors of Vietnamese cashew nuts in Japan. To offer the customers high-quality products, we source our products directly from origins where we can oversee every aspect of production from the suppliers’ farm, manufacturing process with a variety of no-oil roasted special recipes, the international standard, packing and shipping to the customers.




 Our supplying cashew nuts are grown in the organic certified farm in Binh Phuoc province, Vietnam. Thanks to nature’s favourable conditions for cashew trees to grow and develop well, Binh Phuoc province is considered as the Central of Cashew Nuts. This fertile Basalt reddish soil is offering the highest quality Cashew nuts in the world. 




To become the leading company in the field of processing and exporting cashews in Vietnam and over the world, Gold Cashew invests in advanced technology and unique formula in order  to make outstanding products that comply with global standards and suit the competitive trends.

GOLD CASHEW's production process is strictly controlled and food safety standard.


・Non-oil method of manufacturing

・Trans fat free

・cholesterol free

・No preservatives






・Excellent source of antioxidants

・Lower your risk of heart disease

・Good for skin and hair

・Boosting immune system

・Strong and healthy bone with magnesium

・Reliveng stress

・Great for loosing weight thanks for its dietary fibers

GOLD CASHEW's products have been certified and gained global quality certificates such as BRCGS, US FDA, ISO22000:2018,



The products are Vegan-friendly.





GOLD CASHEW is specializing in manufacturing and exporting processed cashew nuts.

OEM, OBM or CO-Branding services are poised to be offered in accordance with customers’ requirement.

About cashew nut... 


Cashew nuts with a soft texture are popular nuts that are also used in Asian cuisine.

Nutritious cashew nuts can be expected to have various effects to maintain beauty and health.

 Prevention of anemia

   Cashew nuts are a powerhouse of proteins and          essential minerals, including iron, a source of              hemoglobin, and copper, a mineral which supports      the binding of protein and iron. These nutrients are    expected to have good effect on anemia.


 Recovery from fatigue 

   Thanks to Vitamin B1 and copper it contains,            consuming  cashew nuts helps fill up on energy,          reduce active oxygen that increased much in the        body. Cashew nuts also will help build a healthy          body and revitalize tired.

The intestinal regulation

    Cashew nuts have good effect on improving the intestinal environment.


60% of the lipids found in cashews are oleic acid, which is one of the monounsaturated fatty acids.


Oleic acid is excellent in the work of pushing waste products out by smoothing the stool.


Diet benefit

   By its benefits of discharging wastes from the body    and improving bowel movement, cashew nuts help support weight loss and be effective in dieting.


   In addition, Vitamin B1 contained in cashew nuts helps burn fat,  leading to the creation of a body that is easy to lose weight.

Side effects


 Zinc contained in cashews activates cells and gradually improves skin metabolism.

    Although nutritious cashews are high-calorie, high-lipid foods.           


    Many of the dietary fiber contained in cashews is insoluble dietary fiber, which helps to relieve constipation,       and conversely, it may cause constipation.


And because it contains a lot of lipid, it would interfere with digestion and cause diarrhea.


 The recommended daily intake of consuming is around 20 cashews (200kcal).



    The Vietnamese cashew nuts provided by HARUTA TRADING are produced in factories with advanced technology and equipment.


  We deal in many kind of cashew flavors such as Roasted cashew, Roasted and salted cashew, Roasted cashew with honey, Roasted cashew with wasabi, Roasted cashew with coconut etc.